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Radio Crosby Finance - All new company for 2015


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Our main aim is to provide the very highest quality independent advice to individuals and companies.

This website is designed to give individuals easy access to a wide range of financial products with competitive discounts.


We believe there are several reasons why you should choose Accord IFA as your 'Discount IFA':


Competitive Discounts - We have negotiated very competitive discounts on a wide range of financial products.
Truly Independent - We have access to state of the art research retro sweet systems that allows us to compare all of the product providers in the market place.

A First Class Service - We pride ourselves on providing a fast, efficient and accurate service

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Analysts will therefore not be allowed to attend pitches for corporate finance business to companies that they have currently published an independent research report on. If at any time they advise on any corporate finance transaction they will be put on an insiders register and will not be able to produce independent research on that company.


Radio Finance offer secured loans.

Secured loans offer lower interest rates than unsecured loans because there is less risk to a finance company. Most of our clients choose a secured loan because the savings in interest over the term of the loan can be quite considerable.


Crosby believes that analysts should be as free as possible from conflicts of interest that could improperly influence the content of their work, and impair their ability to produce objective research. Crosby formally seeks to identify any conflicts which might or do arise.


An investment analyst will not be involved in activities in a way which suggests that he is representing the interests of the firm or a client if this is likely to appear to be inconsistent with providing an objective and unbiased assessment of the value of a company. 


Repossessions 'avoidable through talking to lenders'

Homeowners who are struggling to keep up with their mortgage repayments can avoid repossession by talking with their lenders, an expert has advised.


We offer a complete service for debt management and debt advice. As IVA specialists it's our job to provide you with the correct advice to help you reduce your debt and expense. 

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Radio Crosby Finance, Credit Cards, Debt Consolidation, Investing, Loans, Personal Finance.